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Sharing Your Creative Abstract Art Paintings with the World and creating Best Artwork Collection

It is about time that I have finally decided to share my abstract art paintings and create the best artwork presentations and collection of artwork ideas. Canvas is ever-challenging, a blank space to fill with one’s artistic vision. The abstract artist may be formally trained, he may have tackled the challenge of self-training or he […]

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Swimming Through a Seascape Abstract Art Paintings and enjoying Underwater Sunshine

The curl of the incoming wave, the hiss of foam on sand, the retreating water that pauses, only to come back again to the beach, all these things lead us to consider seascape paintings as an addition to our home or office.  What could be more soothing than a day at the beach, redolent of […]

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Discover the Beauty and Extraordinary Secrecy of a Modern Abstract Art Paintings

The term ‘abstract’ seems so very modern, yet its history goes back to the earlier parts of the 20th century.  When we say ‘modern’, we mean the leaning away from representational painting and didactic paintings that occurred with the impressionists and surged onto other movements, such as Dadaism.  So let us see what ‘modern’ is […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Lines


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Abstract Circles


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