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Striking Colors of Sunset in Modern Abstract Paintings by Original Art Gallery of Peter Dranitsin

Do not be afraid of adding light to your modern abstract paintings to capture viewers attention. You will create a unique abstract perspective when you utilize a contrast in colors. In this instance black vs red, black vs yellow. An eye catching technique is the one that captures viewers immediate attention. When you look at […]

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Creating Visual Abstract Illusion of Depth and Space in Modern Abstract Art Paintings

In order to create a visual abstract illusion of depth and space in modern abstract art paintings it is necessary to understand the shading effect. I reccomend to those who are searching for an effective way to create depth in their abstract paintings to spend some time observing any object in its real surroundings and noticing how different shades create […]

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Understanding Modernism Abstract Art Paintings and Contemporary Painting Style

Modernism in art contemporary paintings takes on a very broad area, but in general modernism is considered to deal with the implications of industrialization on mankind’s soul.  If we think of the advances of the 19th century, railroads and the telegraph, the recording of sound and the transmittal of sound through the telephone, this era […]

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Find the Soul of the Original Abstract Painting and Learn to Appreciate It

Why should one own an original painting?  To leave a legacy, to support the artistic movement, to show off one’s own good taste?  The reasons are as varied as the clients of a successful artist.  What one client wants will not be what another wants, yet the end result is the same: a fine piece […]

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Listen to the Music of Musical Modern and Original Abstract Art Paintings.

Every musical instrument have the soul of their own. As a cultured person, you enjoy all the arts: the dance, music and graphic art.  So why not combine two or three of these into a piece of music art?  If your particular love is opera, a portrait of a diva or even of a spear-holder in […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Lines


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Abstract Circles


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