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SCI FI ART in Contemporary Original Abstract Paintigns

Most likely, sci fi art is one of your first childhood memories.  Even if you didn’t understand the plot of the Star Wars films, your young mind was still enthralled by the visuals of the space travels and fantastic cityscapes of faraway planets.  As you grew and read stories on your own, sci fi art […]

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Acrylic Abstract Modern Paintings in Dune Art

If you live in a desert, then you know all about dunes.  They drift across the roadway, they drift into your front yard, they drift through your front door.  But if your experience with dunes is only through vacations at the beach or the oases of the Sahara through your grand African tour, you may […]

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Firing Your Motivation with Acrylic Fire Abstract Art Painting Theme.

Even if fire is defined as ‘combustion,’ our attraction to it cannot be so easily delineated.  Practically speaking, fire warms us, it cooks our food, it provides protection against the wilderness and its beasts waiting in the dark to devour us.  Beyond practicality is where the mystery lies, as fire dances and flares and leaps […]

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Avoiding Monotone Visual Perception In Abstract Art Paintings.

To avoid a monotone visual perception in abstract art painting I would reccomend to make sure that in your painting you create a subject or space that will draw the focal of the human eye. For instance in the painting down below called “On the Surface of the Sun” the background is composed of the same […]

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Lets Talk about Choosing the Right Colors for Abstract Art Paintings and Making Sure They Go Good Together.

As you probably already have experienced it is not as easy as it sounds when it comes of choosing the right colors for your abstract art paintings. Some colors repel when combined together in one painting. However when those repelling colors combined with another neutral color the balance will prevent the repelling effect. For instance […]

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Understanding the Conceptual Abstract Art and what it consist of.

What defines something as being artistic? Can something be discarded and noted as non-artistic? It is best described by a quote from Joseph Kossuth in an essay from 1969 entitled “Art after Philosophy”, which stated “All art (after Duchamp) is conceptual (in nature) because art only exists conceptually.”At it’s peak in the 1960’s and 1970’s, […]

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How to Achieve an Amazing Effects in Acrylic Abstract Art Paintings

The best thing in working with Acrylic Paints when creating an abstract paintings is the ability of being able to create a variety of different acrylic painting effects such as the one you see on this painting down below. In my abstract art video presentations I share with you many of the simple ways you […]

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Where to Sell and Promote Your Original Abstract Art Paintings

Many selfrepresenting artist always searching for places where they can sell their original abstract art paintings. Besides going to the art festivals, shows, and exhibitions which cost alot of money, time and effort. Another good alternative is the internet. I personally found that having just your website is not enough to establish a good platform […]

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Choosing Theme and Subject for Modern Abstract Art Original Acrylic Painting

I personally find it more practicle to stick to one theme or subject per painting session. For example one day I paint only cityscape abstract paintings, another day I paint seascape paintings, another day I focus on floral, outerspace, seasonal, landscapes and so on and so forth. I reccomend to practice painting smaller scale paintings […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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