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Understanding Figurines Art in Modern Abstract Art World.

Figurines are small pieces of sculpture that don’t require an entire room to do them justice.  A whatnot will hold one exquisite bone china figurine or an entire collection, painted and glazed just so to reach a lifelike appearance.  Perhaps an early childhood memory stirs when you have your own figurine collection, because you remember […]

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Expressing Yourself Through Expressionism Modern Original Abstract Art Paintings

To ‘express’ is to coax the last drop out of a container, to relish something to the final moment, and so it is with expressionism in painting.  Expressionism Modern Abstract Art Paintings presents the artist’s utterly subjective perspective of a subject, distorted through the filter of the artist’s emotional state at the time of the […]

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Contemporary Advice and Tips for Decorating Your Home or Office with Original Abstract Art Paintings.

You’ve read it all, from how to decorate with color to how to make those sconces look just so in your dining area.  You’re overwhelmed, as a matter of fact.  Now that you understand how to pull furniture away from the walls and use area rugs, how about turning to the fascinating world of art?  […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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