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Original Floral Acrylic Abstract Painting, Good In Purple by Dranitsin 2011

This is a 18×24 Original Floral Abstract Painting “Good In Purple” created

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Pursuit of Elegance original acrylic abstract painting technique by Dranitsin Peter

Watch this video where I share with you how I created this painting “Pursuit of Elegance” step by step:

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Modern Abstract Painting of a Tree by Peter Dranitsin called In Silence

This is a new modern abstract painting of a tree that I have just created recently called “In Silence”. It is a small 8×8 inches acrylic original painting on stretched canvas. Visit my online original art gallery to view this painting on multiple different backgrounds: I have also created a special video lesson for you […]

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Original Landscape Abstract Painting Side by Side

New painting has been added to my online original abstract art gallery called “Side by Side”.

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About the abstract artist Peter Drantsin

Hi my name is Peter Dranitsin I am a modern abstract artist. My career as a professional artist started after I have finished my active duty in the Marine Corps at the end of 2005 year. and I have painted and sold my artworks ever since up until today. My background as an artist has […]

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Creative Way to Use Water when Creating your Modern Abstract Painting

In this short video lesson I will share with you the creative way to use water when creating your modern abstract paintings.

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Seasons Bring New Abstract Art Ideas for Modern Paintings

All artists, landscape artists or not, depict the changing of the seasons in their works. The way the light enters a room, even rooms with electric lights in them, changes the way a subject appears, and that’s dependent on what season it happens to be when the painting is created. The seasons affect the way […]

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Painting Black and White Abstract Geometrical Painting

Today we paint black and white abstract painting called “Complementary Shapes”.

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Sketching My Thoughts, Original Abstract Painting Video Lesson by Dranitsin

“Sketching My Thoughts” is a modern abstract painting video lesson where I share with you the process of creating original modern abstract painting on canvas using acrylic paint. You can watch this particular lesson here:

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Discover the Beauty of Geometrical Modern Abstract Paintings

Geometrical art strikes our eyes as patterns for an abstract style of painting, much as a mosaic that is nonrepresentational seems merely a repetitive pattern.  Geometrical art combined with the use of color may seem to give a three-dimensional effect, for instance green and red patterns appear to strobe their colors at us as our […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Lines


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Abstract Circles


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