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What is it like being an Abstract Artist Question and Answer.

Question:Well this isn’t a question I just felt like telling you that your work is really inspiring. I would literally buy some of your artwork but I am still a teenager in high school with no money. Anyways I actually do have a question now that I think about it. Did you go to an […]

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Painting Acrylic Fire Effect on Canvas for Modern Abstract Art Painting Composition.

One of the special techniques that you can utilize is creating acrylic fire effect as in you will see in the painting “Abstract Chemistry” down below. As you have noticed all four canvases consist of light and dark sides the fire can go either direction from light to dark and vice verse. For this acrylic effect […]

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Creating Abstract Art by Painting on Multiple Canvases.

A very modern and creative way to create abstract art paintings is to paint the abstract idea on multiple canvases. The way to do this is simply lay down 2,3,4,5… canvases in the row on the floor close to each other. I would recommend to use some type of weight to hold them in place that you will […]

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Painting Angels and Hearts for a Modern Abstract Art Painting Theme.

One of my favorite abstract art ideas is painting angels and hearts for modern abstract art painting theme. The magical and spiritual elements transform the painting into something more than just art! It brings love and peace to the minds of those who appreciate this type of art and it also makes a great gift […]

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Color Versus Black and White Background Abstract Painting Technique.

In this abstract art technique I will talk about using color vs black and white background. As you see in this painting called “Innerself” the middle portion of it stands out from the black and white background due to the contrast of color vs black and white background. It is simple but effective technique. You […]

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Using Bubble Rap to Create Interesting Acrylic Painting Effect.

In this video I have demonstrated the one way you can use bubble rap to create an interesting acrylic painting effect. I have used small bubble rap and white liquitex acrylic paint to paint stones.

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Idea behind Rough and Beautiful Abstract Art Paintings Techniques.

One way to approach abstract art paintings is to paint rough using thick layers of paint and at the same time maintain clear and distinct appearance. This is completely opposite of fine arts which I personally prefer. I enjoy going absolutely freely at the canvas expressing my ideas with each individual touch. In the painting down […]

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The Key Ingredient In Creating Eye Catching Abstract Painting on Canvas.

The key ingredient in creating eye catching abstract painting on canvas is to try to connect different levels of depth together that will blow viewers minds away. As in the painting down below you will notice that I have painted two distinct surfaces or levels with small and large circle. You will also notice that both of those […]

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The Way to Approach a Fantasy Abstract Art Theme Paintings.

When you think about painting a fantasy theme painting I would personally suggest to go with darker background and having bright spots in the painting some place. As in the paintings you see down below it will create this magical appearance as if you are looking into someones imagination. Try to create a balance between […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Lines


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Abstract Circles


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