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Premixing Acrylic Paint Before Working on Canvas Question and Answer.

Q: hey Pete I was just wondering how much water you mixed with your acrylics or if you just used straight paint Im just starting to paint and youre videos are helping me understand how it works thank you so much A: I usually do not premix the paint and apply paint straight out of […]

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For Living, new abstract art modern music painting of a musician by Peter Dranitisn

Music Abstract Art Painting of a Musician “For Living” by Peter Dranitsin 2011

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Which art supplies are the best for artist that have good quality and price.

Q: I just recently found your page and I love your work I enjoy watching the videos and learning your process. I also believe constructive criticism is important for learning and improvement. Would you be willing to critique some of the paintings of your fans -Let us send some of our work and let us […]

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Watering Down Acrylic Paint to Achieve A Watercolor Effect.

Q: Hi I remember telling you I loved your work but not sure if I asked about how you dilute your acrylic paint so you can work with it so easily. I need to paint some abstract chakras and need to get some of that watercolor type technique mixed in with heavier acrylic in certain […]

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Coming Soon New Abstract Painting Techniques Video Lesson Return of Dolphins by Peter Dranitsin.

Coming soon! New abstract art painting techniques video lesson “Return of Dolphins”. Learn new abstract painting techniques, modern style, tools, step by step presentation and more! Step by Step Abstract Art Seascape Theme Video Lesson by Peter Dranitsin “Return of Dolphins”

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What is the Best Choice for Acrylic Paint and Mediums that will prevent the paint to dry too fast

 Q: Hey, sorry to bother you at this time. I’m used to paint in oil, I’m trying to paint with acrylics but the paint is drying too fast and and not able to diffuse the lights and shadows… What can I do? I’m feeling a lit bit frustrated… A: Not a problem Alex. There are […]

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Feather Abstract Painting Techniques Special Effect Demonstrated.

In some of my videos I use feather for multiple purpose. Specifically I use it’s sharp edge as well as soft feathers edge. In this abstract art video lesson called “Three Islands” I am demonstrating how to create trees, branches, and water waves using sharp edge of the feather. Feather Abstract Painting Techniques Step by […]

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Mixing Acrylic Paint When Creating Abstract Paintings.

There is no magic in mixing acrylic paint when it comes to abstract art creation. Simply add different colors using brush or any other object of your preference. In my abstract art video lessons where I share with you a step by step process I demonstrate the way I personally mix acrylic paints. Mixing Acrylic […]

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Abstract Art Ideas and Creative Techniques Step by Step Process Explained.

Hi, in my abstract art painting video lessons I will explain and demonstrate for you a step by step creative process painting abstract art paintings. As well as the use of different tools that you might find useful when creating your artwork on canvas. On my website besides my original online art gallery I also […]

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When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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