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Hey Pete your artwork amazes me and I chose to do my art project on you and your art

Question: Hey Pete your artwork amazes me and I chose to do my art project on you and your art I’m a freshman in high school and it just so happens that my dads side of the family lives in Cleveland Ohio too. But one of the questions we have to answer about our artist […]

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Abstract Art by Stephen Hughes 24×36″ acrylic paint

Peter, Here is one of my paintings I have done since watching your videos. I have actually completed 9 in the past week in my new art studio. Thank you again, StephenSent from my iPad

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Drawing Glass on Black Background Using White Conte, Charcoal, Kneaded Eraser, Step by Step Process by Dranitsin.

“Glass” In this video I will be demonstrating on how to draw glass on black background using charcoal and white conte. This is a value study where: the objective is to see relative values in light values; define object by defining the medium to light values only; and develop awareness of how the eye can […]

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Original drawing of glass on black paper with white charcoal by Peter Dranitsin

“Glass” white charcoal on black paper original drawing by Peter Dranitsin

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Racing Clouds, learn how to paint with acryic paint by watching art lesosn videos.

“Racing the Clouds” is the name of this painting. In this art lesson I will create a beautiful harmony between ocean and the clouds using acrylic paint and my favorite blending techniques. I will than paint the boat and its reflection in the water using my small brushes that will provide this painting with the […]

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Painting Cityscape Perm, new acrylic art video has been released

In this video I will demonstrate how to paint a real cityscape. This is actually a place called Perm in that is located in Russia.  We will begin painting using the light colors outlining the major areas of the main subject in this painting which are the buildings and the Church as our focal point.  […]

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Abstract art techniques comment

Love it Pete! You really do inspire a lot of us and I look forward to your video uploads! Always makes me want to fill my folgers bucket full of water, find my sponge and start painting! Thanks for the video!

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When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Circles


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