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Outlined Desire, how to work with bleeding acrylic colors on canvas, original art video lesson by Peter Dranitsin

Bringing colors and shapes in a natural way and tying them up together at the end is our objective in this art video lesson called “OutlinedDesire”. Throughout this art video lesson I will be demonstrating for you how to work with bleeding colors on three separate canvases creating a modern looking abstract painting.

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Picked by Hand, acrylic painting of flowers art video lesson by Peter Dranitsin

Floral paintings have their own unique beauty and significance. In this abstract art lesson called “Picked by Hand” I will be painting a bouquet of flowers using multiple bright colors and variations of flower shapes. The main objective of this art lesson is to provide the viewer with the colorful combination of flowers in an […]

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Abstract painting comment on art videos

I love your art and I am so glad you show us how to do some of the neat things you do! you have been a huge inspiration to me and i have recently started painting. thank you again for the tutorials, they have been wonderful! (and i LOVE that song!) do you have ideas […]

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Orange Fish, acrylic painting techniques, art video lesson

One of the techniques that you might want to try is to come up with a realistic idea for your painting, a subject or a theme and convert it into an abstract painting. In this art lesson called “Orange Fish” I will be painting a fishing boat on the lake and by adding few elements […]

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Voice of an Angle, acrylic art techniques, art video lesson, painting on canvas, abstract art video

Elegant and simple is the theme of this art lesson called “Voice of an Angel”. In order to achieve elegance we will be working with few bright colors such as brown, yellow and purple for the background and painting the subject in this painting using black and white lines. We will blend the background in […]

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Orange City, rough abstract painting, acrylic effect video art lesson

This is one of those paintings where I will express my inner freedom by using a rough painting techniques in this art lesson called “OrangeCity”. Throughout this lesson I will demonstrate for you how you can achieve a stunning acrylic effects by letting your hands and soul loose and just going with the flow of […]

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Drawing of Chinese Dragon, charcoal, pencil, original and unique drawing by Peter Dranitsin 2012.

Chinese Dragon pencil, charcoal drawing 12×12″ white paper by Peter Dranitsin

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Lucky Four, acrylic painting techniques, art video lesson by Peter Dranitsin

The geometrical figures and their symmetry has always been appealing to our human eyes. In this painting called “Lucky Four” I will demonstrate for you how to create a geometric abstract painting combining four colors, four squares and four symbols in an interesting and simple way creating another one of my original paintings.  “Lucky Four”acrylic […]

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Still Life Charcoal Drawing of Hats on White 19×25″ paper by Peter Dranitsin

still life charcoal drawing on white paper, hats, flowers, shoes, coffee mug, teapot, black cube

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Abstract art video testimonials Abstract Art Lesson dot com

Truly inspiring and under your tillage I have definitely improved quite a bit over the last few weeks by watching your free lessons and Im really looking forward to getting even more comprehensive lessons when I purchase a subscription. God bless and thank you again for taking time to answer my inquiries. Karyn Hi Pete. […]

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