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Six tips for using watercolors on canvas

Using watercolors on canvas is not something that you hear about everyday. And not all the artists prefer to do it. But if you look at the abstract work of the artists who know how to use watercolors to create magnificent works, you will be awestruck to see textures that acrylic or oil colors fail […]

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Ten tips on how to create acrylic abstract landscapes

Landscape in itself is a work of admiration. People love to paint landscapes and the paintings are equally admired by the viewers. But painting landscape in an abstract form is a step ahead, something more griping. Here are ten tips on how to create acrylic abstract landscapes:   1) Acrylic abstract landscapes, as the name […]

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Ten Best tips on how to create acrylic abstract paintings

If you are new to the world of painting abstract, then you would not want to begin in a wrong way at the first place. So, here are Ten Best tips on how to create acrylic abstract paintings. These tips will give you  clarity about where to start and how to make your way to […]

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Creating beautiful acrylic painting with arcs utilizing acrylic paint and light molding paste

The name of this painting is “First Touch”. This painting was created with acrylic paint on canvas. I also utilized light molding paste to make the arcs.

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Four Inspirational Websites for Abstract Artists

Every artist occasionally runs dry on inspiration, especially if you’re used to working with just one form of media, like painting. Fresh ideas and inspiring art are never far away, though, with access to quality internet sites that feature abstract art.   The Internet is a vast pool of inspiration for many things, including creative […]

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How to establish your online presents and share your acrylic paintings with the World

If you are an artist, it is must that you share your talent with the world outside your walls. In the present scenario, it is next to impossible to promote your work without a good online promotion plan. So here are some tips to establish your online presence and share your acrylic paintings with the […]

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Display your paintings in virtual rooms

Learn how to display your paintings in virtual rooms and change wall color. Watch this video: click here DISPLAY YOUR PAINTING IN THE ROOM ABOVE THE COUCH To understand how this program “Display Your Painting” works please watch this introduction video:click here Are you an artist and need to display your paintings behind the couch […]

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Five best painting tips for abstract painting

Method 1 of 5: Choosing a Medium 1 Consider your goal. What types of painting and art are you hoping to create? Do you need a lot of time to work on a single project, or do you want hope to fully finish pieces in a single setting? Do you have a spacious work area […]

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How to create a Marble effect for your abstract art painting.

Here is an interesting idea you can also explore if you want to add some marble appearance to your abstract art painting. You would first need to make sure that your canvas is nicely primed before you begin working on it. After you prime it you will need to have the following few materials and […]

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Another interesting way to create an amazing abstract art for your wall decoration.

Another interesting way to create an amazing abstract art for your wall decoration. contemporary ideas for your abstract art paintings creating mind blowing abstract paintings utilizing modern tools for abstract art Creating crackle effects using modern style tools  be creative when creating natural looking texture for your paintings Even though we have made the process […]

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When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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