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Tips to paint abstract with minimal resources

Heard the good-old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”? Well, it also applies in acrylic abstract painting. If you are a beginner or someone who cannot buy expensive colors and wall sized canvases and brushes of different sizes then dont let this be a barrier in your desire to paint abstract […]

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Ten tips to interpret acrylic abstract painting

Abstract art a lot of times seems like a puzzle to people, something beyond this world. One of the reasons people cannot truly sink in and admire abstract art is, because they fail to interpret what lies behind it. If you also find yourself naive in terms of deciphering the abstract paintings, here are ten […]

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Understanding Acrylic Abstract Minimalism and tips to paint one

Minimalism is a form of abstract painting which started off in New York in the 1960s. The term Minimalism can be better understood from its parent word, Minimal, which means “of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree”. This form of art believes in the notion of “Simplicity at its best”. Abstract Expressionist, Hans Hofmann once […]

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Tips on how to promote your work on popular social media platforms

Social Media is a platform that can make your abstract art work go viral. It is the king of marketing and every artist who wants to promote their abstract art work should definitely know how to make the Best out of it. If you are consistent in handling some major social media platforms, you will […]

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Twenty Three Unique Images that will help you to develop an interesting idea for your next abstract painting.

Looking at the beautiful and unique images and things around you will help you to develop nice ideas that you can use for your next abstract painting. Take a look at these 23 images:

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Ten tips on How to Create Acrylic Abstract Geometric Painting

Acrylic Abstract Geometric Painting is a form of abstract art that engages shapes of various forms, by virtue of which, the painter displays and conveys his thoughts on the canvas. The shapes may be edgy, blunt, round or square in forms and are filled in with vibrant colors. The shades and colors used play an […]

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Tips to paint acrylic abstract colorfield painting

Acrylic Abstract Color-field Painting, just as the name suggests, implies an abstract art that constitutes blocks or an open area in multifarious colors and combinations filing the canvas. Unlike other forms of abstract art, in Acrylic Abstract Color-field Painting, Color is the subject that’s subjected to the human eyes and mind for observation and interpretation […]

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Ten tips to create acrylic abstract painting with a reference photo

Not just beginners but even a lot of established artists enjoy creating acrylic abstract art with the help of a photograph. The reason being, it gives them inspiration but it is not like making a portrait, abstract art help you use your individuality and allows you to portray the image in best form as per […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Lines


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Abstract Circles


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