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Simple Thought

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Painting Amazing Red Flower

In  this acrylic art video lesson I will show you how you can paint an amazing artwork using just spatual and few colors. This abstract art painting will be on single red flower. I hope you will enjoy! Interesting information about Color Formation Theory: It was this same problem that had confuded all those who […]

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Color theory explained

The actual range of pigments available to the artist increased dramatically during the Renaissance, and made the mixing of color easier. Even Leonardo da Vinci, as with everything he turned his hand to, saw it necessary to try to classify and understand the workings of color and light. Yet even he found it difficult to […]

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Making your own wax medium

To save money you can make your own medium with beeswax and dammar crystals. For this you will need: – 4oz (113g) dammar crystals; – 1lb 2 oz (510g) beeswax (powdered kind). First put dammar crystals in a double plastic bag and batter with a mallet until they form a coarse powder. Put through a […]

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A well thought out design is based on rhythm, which takes the receiver on a journey with the help of variety – exciting switches between close-ups and long shots, between different sizes and directions, soft and hard shapes, cold and warm colors. The receiver should not be able to predict everything that is to come. […]

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Density of acrylic paint

Acrylic paint usually has creamy or pasty consistency. Nowadays acrylics come in other densities, liquid and even fluid like ink. These have a more concentrated level of high-quality pigments, the color spreads better, and it loses neither strength nor brightness. This type of paint tints gels, mediums, gesso, and backgrounds better and more easily. Their […]

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Understanding dimensions when drawing or painting

Painting or drawing representing a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface requires in essence a language translation. The language of two dimensions is different than the language of three dimensions in that three dimensions have depth, occupying space both up and down, side-to-side, and forward and backward. You must observe the three-dimensional form and translate […]

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Best way to ship the paintings

Hi Pete.First I have to say I really admire your art work. I’ve been watching your youtube videos since last year and I was really inspired.I also paint now. No worries, my paintings are much different than yours and not even close to be that amazing than yours but when I saw your videos, I […]

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Golden Clear Tar Gel for acrylics abstract painting effect – is like liquid string

Golden Clear Tar Gel is like liquid string. Using a stick or a palette knife, drizzle it lightly, Jackson Pollock style, onto your painting. It dries clear, so continue to  paint over it with transparent glazes, or leave it alone. The tar gel can also be mixed with 25% fluid acrylic paint. This is an […]

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Understanding the importance of iron oxides and their significance when creating an antiqued appearance to your abstract painting

Iron OxidesThe autumnal shades of the symthetically produced transparet iron oxides are indispensable not only for glzing, but also for any aspect of painting with transparency. Randging from a warm yellow to a gold orange, these are affordable, highly resistant colors and each show off a bright undertone with luminosity of amber and cognac. In […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Circles


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