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Acrylic Mosaic Make It Yourself

A mosaic can be made from acrylic tiles in a variety of glowing colors. Acrylic tiles are more flexible than glass, ceramic, or stone tiles, but what they lack in rigidity they more than make up for in sheer variety. With the use of mediums, texture gels, colors, and additives, tiles can be produced in […]

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Acrylic Paints have a face of their own

Acrylic Paints have a face of their own, but through careful orchestration they can be made to look like something entirely different. As adaptable as they are, acrylics, do not have a magical ability to morph into a different material. Nevertheless, with the use of mediums, the right tools, and an open mind, they can […]

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Beauty and Mystery of Watercolor Painting

Playing around with acrylics and water can be frustrating at first, as the brightness of the pigment may seem garishly vivid relative to traditional watercolors. The trick to successfully work acrylics with water is twofold: dilute the color drastically and stick to a transparent palette. Superior quality acryclis are produced with very finely ground pigments […]

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Alizarin color provides deep reds when mixed with ivory black

Alizarin color provides deep reds when mixed with ivory black, and gunmetal grays when mixed with neutral gray. Both alizarin and cadmium red make lovely dull pinks when mixed with the warm grays. neutral gray makes wonderful chalky green when mixed with lemon yellow or cadmium yellow pale, and sophisticated blues and violets when mixed […]

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Abstract Art Lesson Testimonial

I have been watching you video tutorials and demos on YouTube. They help a lot and inspire me to work hard on my paintings. I’m still learning though. Just started this year.. hope to see more of your demos and tutorials. Thanks again.Jonathan B.

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The head, the hands, and the feet are frequent trouble spots in figure drawing

The head, the hands, and the feet are frequent trouble spots or stumbling points in the figure when trying to suspend interest in details until the larger, simpler forms are clearly and proportionately established. The inexperienced drawing student often focuses on the individual features of the face while overlooking their relationship to each other and […]

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Constructing ellipses in one-point and two-point perspective

Simply speaking, an ellipse is a circle seen in perspective, a foreshortened circle. A circle fits precisely within a square, touching the exact midpoints of each side of a square and intersecting the square’s diagonals in the same two places on each diagonal. With an awareness of how to construct squares and cubes in perspective […]

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Encaustic Abstract Art Painting Techniques

Encaustic painting is an ancient technique, based on working with wax as painting binder and medium. Although wax can melt or bloom, there are encaustic paintings that have endured for centuries when kept under pristine conditions. Acrylic paints can imitate the semblance of encaustic, and although it is as yet undetermined how long they will […]

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Theory behind Color Temperature

All colors are described as being warm or cool. If you look at a color wheel, it can be seen to have a warm and cool side. The warm side comprises the reds, oranges, and yellows, while the cool side is made up of the greens, blues, and violets. However, all colors can be seen […]

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Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors are those colors that fall opposite one another on the color wheel. These are known as complementary pairs, and have special relationship with one another. Examples of complementary pairs are red and green, or orange and blue. Placed side by side, complementary colors seem to intensify one another. Examples of complementary pairs are […]

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Acrylic Abstract Painting Video Categories

When you begin to create your abstract painting one thing that you must decide is what type of theme you would like to approach.


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Abstract Circles


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