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Q. I watched the video painting "untouched by human". I wanted to know if you covered the entire canvas with texture?
A. For this painting I used both light molding paste as well as crackle paste by Golden Acrylics and indeed covered entire canvas with using both of those mediums.
Q. Dear Peter, Thank you for sharing your passion for abstract painting. How do you manage to keep the acrylic paint from drying so quickly. I notice in your 30 minute video, the paint surface seems to stay wet (and removable) for quite some time. Any secrets, suggestions? Thank you, Faye
A. HI Faye, Thank you for your message and your question. What I usually do before I start painting is that I usually would wet the canvs surface first inorder to keep paint moist for longer duration. I would also reccomend to try acylic paint retarder which will provide much longer working time if you really need it.
Q. When I sign in for trial, silver or there a big difference? I also wanted to ask or the videos I now pay for to see are not on Youtube in a few months? Otherwise I wait and look at them there... :)
A. Thank you for your question. Most of the videos on my website are 100% exclusive to this website. To see and sign up for different packages please go to Registration page located here: - Here are the brakdown for the different packages: - With Gold Membership you will be able to watch all Gold Membership videos as well as all Trial and Silver Videos for only $29.99/month. You can cancel at any time. In Addition you will have access to Display Your Painting software for as long as you are active Gold Member. - PRICE $29.99 - RECURRING AMOUNT $24.99 / 30 DAYS - With Silver Membership you will be able to watch all Silver Membership videos as well as all Trial Videos for only $24.99/month. You can cancel at any time. - PRICE $24.99 - RECURRING AMOUNT $18.99 / 30 DAYS - With Trial Membership you will be able to watch all Trial Membership videos on this website for only $1 for 7 days. You can cancel at any time. After 7 days you will be upgraded to Silver Membership. - PRICE $1 RECURRING AMOUNT $18.99 / 30 DAYS - Free Membership Join this website for free to be able to create your own art gallery and share it with our abstract artist community
Q. Hey mate, really enjoying watching you create your paintings, it's so fluid. Do you use any mediums at all to keep the acrylics wetter? I'm finding that they dry too fast for me to blend colours. Is this something i just need to gain more experience with and practice? How do you approach this problem?
A. you can try to utilize acrylic retarder I simply use water before and during the painting if need be. Another important aspect is the type of acrylic paint that you are using.
Q. is anyone out there able to access the memberships to purchase? I love Pete's art and since he now incorporates audio with the video they are very valuable learning tools. I had a membership a few years ago, but think the site is much better now except I can't seem to access anywhere to purchase a membership. any info would be appreciated.
A. sorry for the confusion - if you click on top left menu icon there is a Registration link in the top right corner of that tab
Q. what type of paint do you use in your paintings
A. For my abstract paintings I use "Baiscs" by Liquitex acrylic paint.
Q. Love your work, Peter. I signed up for the trial offer and downloaded 50 of my paintings for the 1-month Silver membership. What do I need to do now?
A. After you upload fifty or more of your artworks to "Share Your Art" page - please email me your userid through "Contact" page so that I can set your account up for Free Silver Membership.
Q. Hi, how many paintings can I download ? I downloaded a few but it only showed one repeatedly And I wasn't able to delete the extra same paintings that were downloaded. And my avatar was not cropped right. Thank you Elena
A. Hi Elena, There is no limit on how many artworks you can upload to share on my website. I would reccomend to upload as many as you want. As far as your qustion in regards to deleting duplicate upload of the same painting - can you please use "Contact" page to email me your userid so that I can check your account and make any necessary adjustments if need be.
Q. I signed up for free 7 day videos and got a Email but it is all imbedded as one with no place to click on to get the 7 day usage. Help?
A. Please do not confuse Trial membership with the Free Videocourse by email. The trial membership videos and all other videos for other membership packages are located on "Video" page of my website. You would need to login (top right corner link) to my website and go to the "Video" page link (at the top navigation) to see the 7 day trial videos.
Q. I would like to sign up for your free abstract painting techniques course, but the button to do so, and place to leave your email address is missing on screen Thanks
A. Sorry I was in the middle of updating my abstract lesson website and this issue was fixed recently.
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