I would like to start creating my own paintings to sell , and from there widen my options …

Hi Peter, I’m interested in becoming self employed. You are my mentor in becoming a great artist, like yourself. You have the experienced and I trust you would advised me accordingly. I would like to start creating my own paintings to sell , and from there widen my options … I’ll be very greatfull in […]

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You have left me feeling younger and as if abstract painting is possible for me at least for my own enjoyment.

Pete, I happened upon a couple of your videos on YouTube, and you have encouraged and inspired me. Coming to painting late in life-I am 61-I lack confidence. Your positivity, encouragement, and evidence of continual reworking and revision while you work has left me feeling much more free to play and experiment. I have been […]

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Earth Tone Colors in Abstract Painting will bring peace and comfort look to your home.

If you are looking to have a calm and cozy look to your home consider hanging paintings with Earth Tone Colors. Pete’s Original Art online art gallery has the most variety with different themes and colors that will make your home look contemporary and beautiful.  

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Abstract painting art gallery on variety of different themes. All paintings are original acrylic works by abstract artist Peter Dranitsin. Buy and purchase paintings online.  

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Painting Eagle, Globe, and Anchor USMC – step by step painting process

Hi fellow artists! I wanted to share this with you today. I will be posting new painting video tutorial on how to paint USMC symbol Eagle, Globe and Anchor. I hope you will enjoy watching this new video.   Peter  

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Hi my fellow Artists! I have finally got around to add more virtual rooms to DISPLAY YOUR PAINTINGS software. This software is only available on my website at http://abstractartlesson.com/display-painting-software/ If you are new to this – this software allows artists just like you to easily display your painting in variety of virtual rooms on any […]

Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You by Olivier

Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You by Olivier Hey fellow artists. I have some very helpful information for you if you are looking to know more about what type of paint to use. Please read this very informative article by Olivier :Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You Here is a short snippet: […]


Acrylics dry incredibly fast, allowing for many layers to be created on surfaces quickly and easily.  Some artists that generally prefer oils sometimes see this see this ability to be a hindrance to blending and mixing colors.  There are, however, acrylic mediums available that will slow drying times making acrylics behave a bit more like […]