Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You by Olivier

Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You

by Olivier

Hey fellow artists. I have some very helpful information for you if you are looking to know more about what type of paint to use. Please read this very informative article by Olivier :Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You

Here is a short snippet:

Professional Grade

Winsor & Newton’s Artist’s Acrylics

PROS: high pigment load, mixes well, attractive and convenient packaging, wide assortment of colours

CONS: slow drying time, not many sizes available, some colour shift

There seems to be some debate over the issue of packaging when it comes to tubes of acrylic paint. Though many artists prefer the look of metal to plastic and commented that it’s much easier to get all of the paint out of a metal tube, others suggested that metal is more susceptible to corrosion, particularly in humid climates. Winsor & Newton Artist’s Acrylics come in a metal tube that was praised for not clogging, but criticized for having a cap that is too small and difficult to remove. Despite these small flaws, the brand clearly has a significant number of loyal fans.

Golden Acrylics

Our artists reviewed four different products from the Golden Artist Acrylics product line with varying consistencies: from Heavy Body to High Flow. Though it’s one of the more expensive brands available, several from our community noted that they were able to stretch the paint much further than other brands. We also heard a lot of good feedback about the company’s well-staffed team of Materials and Applications Specialists who are always there to reply any questions you might have. Others were positive about the packaging as they provide an actual paint stripe on each tube and a chart for each color’s characteristic and performance with regards to opacity, viscosity, gloss and tinting.

Golden Artist Colors Heavy Body Acrylics

PROS: very versatile, solid packaging, accurate colour matching, good customer service

CONS: expensive, extremely buttery texture

As a heavy body acrylic, one would expect Golden Artist Colors Heavy Body Acrylics to have a very thick, oily texture. However, this was the only brand where some artists complained that the consistency was actually too buttery. If you prefer to paint with a more fluid acrylic medium, Golden’s Heavy Body Acrylics is not the product for you and you might want to consider some of the other options from Golden’s line of acrylics (see below). Artists who prefer the thicker texture were pleased by the extra “sparkle” that their finished products had.