In the next ten minutes I will demonstrate for you how you can create a beautiful landscape painting with keeping it to the very minimal in this art lesson called “See You Next Year”. The idea in this painting is to create a feeling of water and nature come together in an elegant way.The abstract element comes in the reflection of the tree where the naked tree trunk faces its own reflection in water with the beautiful yellow and orange leaves of fall season. We will approach this by making the acrylic paint bleed a little using plenty of water mixed in with acrylic paint creating a nice transition adding a water color effect. In the end we will create an illusion of water by utilizing a feather creating visual appearance of the small water waves.To begin watching this abstract painting video lesson click here.
Questions and Answers:

Q: Love your artwork! Was wondering if you do any abstract paintings with gel image transfers, like mixed-media …
A: I usually just go with acrylics and water, sometimes I do experiment with other mediums to get structural effect or a finishing effect but for the most part just acrylics and water.

Q: Peter I just viewed one of your free abstract demos and noted you had some instructional info inserted in place. Can I assume that all of your subscription videos include this info . It is very helpful to the the new painter. Also do you ever conduct classes in Cleveland or any other part of the country
A: Thank you so much for asking these questions. Yes, I have started implementing title clips with instructions such as what colors and tools I’m using and for what purpose in all of my recent abstract art videos. As far as conducing classes in Cleveland Area unfortunately not at this time yet but if anything changes I will be posting it on my blog and sending out emails to everyone.

Q: What is the difference between the 2 memberships? Suggest that the difference be explained on your page. I am very impressed with your skills and look forward to learning from you . George W
A: Thank you George for asking me about the difference between Silver and Gold membership packages. The difference is in complexity and length of the abstract art videos being demonstrated to you. Gold membership vs Silver has longer videos and the paintings are more complex in its composition. I hope I have answered your question. If you should have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.