When creating a textured acrylic painting there are few things that you need to know. First, choose the medium that you would like to work with. There are many different types of acrylic medium for creating textures. The ones that I will demonstrate are light molding paste and crackle paste by Golden Acrylics. This video is composed of two parts in the first part of this tutorial I will lay texture on a primed canvas, the second part consist of choosing the colors you want to utilize to colorize the texture.Look around you and think about what tools or event objects that you think might help you achieve and interesting texture effect. Any object that has uneven surface is a potential tool that you can utilize for this purpose.Think about what colors you would want to work with after the texture paste is completely dry and ready for you to paint over it. Never limit yourself and always try to experiment combining different techniques when working on abstract paintings. Have fun!

Abstract Painting Tools and Tips:

* When working with acrylic paint on canvas pallet knife can be used in many different ways. Besides the building shapes working with layers pallet knife can also be used in creating a transparent effects. The way to approach it is simple: after you add the background colors simply slide the pallet knife gently applying pressure with your hand and remove some of the paint from the canvas. This will leave the line and the paint that had a chance to soak onto to the canvas surface. You can also use the sharp edge of the pallet knife and create sharp thin lines to add to the design.

* I would also suggest to experiment and build your techniques working directly with acrylic paint on canvas without sketching your idea first. This way you will train your mind building your abstract art ideas directly from your vision to the plain canvas.

* When you blend the acrylic colors using sponge when creating a nice background for your abstract art painting be sure to periodically rinse the sponge and go over the blended areas a few times. Every time you will touch the same spots on the canvas the acrylic color transitions will become smoother and softer.