In this video lesson “Put It On the Right Track”I will show you how to create a breath taking painting by manipulating symbols, strategically placing them on the canvas and working with their transparency. In the abstract world everything has its place and meaning. You have freedom of manipulating everything from the proportions to the very fine lines and make it as interesting and meaningful as you can.

Abstract Painting Tools and Tips:

* A very attractive technique that you may want to try is simply painting random shapes using bottles mixed with paint to preserve color intensity. To create a painting such as the one below first you would need to create a background by smudging paint on canvas using spatula and than adding random lines and shapes.

* When you visit your local art supply store you will be amazed on how much variety of different materials and finishes they have for you to use in your abstract painting creations. For instance I used this special acrylic effect medium called “Glass Beads” in one of my paintings as a finish. The substance itself is made of very small glass beads when dry it is completely transparent. The effects were just amazing. It provided not only the shiny look but also added to the overall structure of the painting.

* I would definitely recommend to all abstract artists out there to never stop experimenting using variety of different abstract tools and materials that you think will help you to achieve amazing abstract art painting special effects.