This painting is one of my favorite paintings that I’d like to share with you as a special gift for you and as a thank you for watching all of my 10 videos!“Racing the Clouds” is the name of this painting. In this art lesson I will create a beautiful harmony between ocean and the clouds using acrylic paint and my favorite blending techniques.I will than paint the boat and its reflection in the water using my small brushes that will provide this painting with the final unique touch.Things to keep in mind when creating this painting are: make sure that you are using no more than four shades of blue, be consistent in your techniques in order to create a smooth transitions, when working on reflections make sure that you don’t just focus on replicating what is being reflected but also consider other factors such as distortion in the water that will break the pure mirror reflection.The tools that you will need for this painting are: acrylic paint (colors: dark blue, light blue, aqua green, black and white), bucket of water, small size brushes, spatula, and sponge.When you get all that ready make sure that you prepare your canvas by coating the canvas with acrylic primer, or you might also find it easier just to use one coat of white paint.Now you are ready to begin.

Q: Hello Peter, I haven’t painted in so long that , not that I started again I am lost. I don\’t know where to start, so if you would be able to answer some questions for me I would really appreciate it a lot. What kind of canvas do you use? When you start painting , do you actually have an idea in mind ? Or is whatever you feel at the moment? Also is there a specific brand of acrylics that you use? Thank you in advance, Andrada

A: Thank you for your question Andrada! I use 1.5 inch gallery rapped stretched and primed cotton canvas. When I start creating abstract painting I have a blurry subject in mind which I transform into a abstract art. And I prefer to use Liquitex paints due to their unique qualities.
Q: Is the sponge dry or a little bit moist? are you using different sponges for different color areas, or use the same and let the previous colors (already on the sponge) blend in?

A: I alternate when to use wet, dry or painted sponge. Thank you for asking!
Q: Wow, Peter that was probably the best 8 minutes I spent all day! I just had a question about your process, do you plan your paintings ahead of time by sketching them or just thinking about them or do you just go with the flow?

A: Thank you for asking, usually I just go with the flow. Sometimes it does not turn out the way I want it, however it is still a learning process 🙂
Q: Your really good at what you do. I really like your use of bold plain colors and the way you work ur magic on the canvas.

A: thank you so much for your comments!
Q: How do you make the acrylics look so thin? When I paint with a brush every stroke is thick and wide. What is your technique?

A: I simply add plenty of water. Thank you for asking.
Q: Nice video lesson and great work. I\’m just wondering, what\’s the clear coat that you brush on the canvas before applying paint?

A: Sometimes I cover the canvas with white acrylic paint before I start painting with color. Thank you for asking!
Q: Thanks for sharing your work, do you let the paint dry before you put the next color on?

A: Usually I like to work on fresh paint, but sometimes I would let it dry before applying second or third coat.
Q: Wow. Seriously, wow. Your talent is amazing and I am in awe of how easy you make it appear. You\’ve also inspired me to try my own hand at abstract painting–though I doubt I will ever be anywhere near as good as you are.
A: Thank you so much for your nice comments!
Q: What you are adding to the paint that is so easy to work with?

A: For the most part I add only water and use high quality acrylic paint.
Q: I like your drawing and the techniques ,my question is: i know many kind of color like oil , water color ,pastel,what kind of color you use in your painting? what is abstract painting?

A: If I understand your question correctly, I use only high quality acrylic paint. As far as how to define an abstract painting, it is simply a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.
Q: Hi, what do you brush on the canvas before you start applying the black paint? Nice work btw!

A: Usually I apply water and sometimes I lay a coat of white acrylic paint
Q: Have you used up side down brush making those interesting circles___I like them a lot and painting is so pretty!!!

A: Yes I do use up side down brush on fresh paint. As you\’ve mentioned it makes an interesting effect 🙂
Q: You are amazing. You are teaching me so much. I cannot wait to try this, especially with the sponge. I love the sponge effect. Thank you for your videos.

A: Thank you and have fun with it!