“Sail to the Moon”is the name of this painting where I have painted the ship sailing towards the direction of the moon.The beauty of this particular painting lies in the transparency and light reflection of the sea water, its magnificent waves that manipulate the placement of the ship.In this abstract art video lesson I will focus your attention to this specific details, where we will try to achieve transparency of the water and the light reflection from the moon in the rising waves of the sea.Before we begin I recommend that you prepare a sponge, spatula, bottles premixed with black and white paint and water, stretched canvas, other than black and white acrylic paints and water in a big bucket to be able to rinse the sponge as we blend the paints. The colors that we will be working with are: primary blue, white, aqua green and black.To begin to watch this video art lesson click here.

Abstract Painting Tools and Tips:

* In order to create an amazing abstract art painting you do not need much and especially you do not need all different kinds of acrylic special mediums, gels or anything else for that matter. All you really need is a creative mind that will create so much out of so little. For instance creating a background and randomly striking lines across will create an amazing effect.

* Choosing colors that add to each-other instead of repelling is very important step in creating your abstract art paintings. For this I would recommend for you to examine different combination of colors on a separate pieces of paper and see how they will turn out. Combining bright colors such as gold and very dark colors such as black considered to be a royal combination of colors.

* Time to time I try to experiment with different special effect acrylic mediums such as Light Molding paste. This particular paint provides a nice structural effect when it is dry. On top of that the paint that is layered on top of the light molding paste when dry maintains high color intensity