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I am so relaxed when doing abstract. There is no struggle to get it right. At 75 decided to paint. I had done artwork in the past but not painting. Thanks for introducing it to me.

Thank you for sharing your amazing art with us. Your paintings inspired me to start painting again. I'm so glad that I got the chance to find your tutorials, The way you paint encourage me to paint right a way :) thanks for being an amazing tutor.

My Skylight arts group is just having a ball with your videos, Peter. We are incorporating your techniques into our artwork to create pieces that are cropped and transformed into illustrated stories. A great healing process for our community.

You are just fantastic.

Like many others I found you through youtube. I just love your work! I've been learning and practicing abstract painting and I hope to be on the same level as you someday! Your pieces are always so interesting. I love the textures that you create with the use of a few simple tools. Can't wait to see more!

Your ideas always refreshing, brilliant with great colors composition and texture are all balance and a life,.thank you for sharing with us

I just wanted to say that your work is phenomenal! I'm in love with every piece. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an inspiring way!

Allysen G. Canada

I found you on you tube and I love watching your videos. I love to paint but I've never been that great because I just honestly had never been shown how. Your work is beautiful and your videos really helped me!! Thank you!

Hi Pete, your video lessons are really inspiring to me and I improved already my capabilities during the last weeks watching your free videos.
Your paintings are really wunderful and your spontanity is unbelivable. Perhaps I am going to apply for a membership in the future.

Take care!

Dear Peter,
Your art is very inspiring. You use simple tools to create great art. I admire your vision, too. I watched today lesson #6 of your art videos and look forward to the next one. I'm currently at crossroads in my paintings and started incorporating needlepoint. I like to stay in touch.

I love your work!!

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