“True Reflection”is the name of this painting. The title of this particular painting provides the meaning and the purpose for each abstract element in this composition.The meaning and the beauty of this painting is in the un-proportional reflections of the trees in the water. The trees resemble individual characters, where their reflection in the water is associated with the true fact that one cannot judge others by their looks alone. Our individual moral identities can be much bigger or smaller than how they might appear from a first glance.In this video art lesson I will show you how you can achieve impressive results using just basic combination of creativity and simple acrylic techniques.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Your work is amazing! I would like to know what are you using to get that water color look. you know when spill water on a piece of paper and everything starts to bleed.

A: I use high quality acrylic paint and water. Because of high pigmentation in the acrylic paint that I am using I am able to add enough water without loosing the intensity in color.
Q: Hello Peter, your creativity is very inspirational. I\’m getting set to do my first painting and I am drawn to your abstract style and dramatic applications of color. I watched your Futuristic demonstration, and wanted to know if that was bubble wrap I saw you using at one point? Thank you and keep up the fantastic work! Jason, Toronto, Canada
A: Thank you Jason, yes I did use bubble rap at one point on that painting. That\’s what I love the most about creating abstract art is the creative approach to it! Good luck to you!
Q: I absolutely love the colors and the different techniques you use! I love how some of your work are rough and edgy while others are well blended and have a smooth flow. Where do you get your inspiration from? I recently just picked up a paint brush again after several years, and I seem to have a creative block, I feel stuck when I look at my blank canvas.
A: Thank you for your comments. When I create paintings I have moments where I do not get the desired result. I continue to work on the painting brainstorming ideas as I go along. As a result I get inspired by getting to the paint where the painting turns out more than what I could have wished for.